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Our main activities


The way we work


    We collect the requirements of the project by discussing directly with the customer


    We develop the project and we keep the customer updated about the progress

  3. DEMO

    We carry out a demonstration and proceed with the latest refinements


    After the approval by the customer we release the project


    After the release we follow the project during its life


Our products for the web

Our solutions for the mobile applications


Some of our projects


WordPress website based on pre-made template


Edil Leca

WordPress website with custom graphics


wordpress website friulup

Marialisa Povegliano Bulfone

WordPress website with custom graphics


Studio Odontoiatrico Dr. Luciano Pinosa

WordPress website with custom graphics


woocommerce wordpress friulup


WordPress website based on pre-made template


wordpress website friulup

Openspace group

WordPress website with custom graphics



The main technologies we use

drupal wordpress magento pimcore laravel wordpress friulup

The Friulup web agency was born from the idea of two developers with years of experience in software and web projects of medium to high complexity.

For medium complexity websites we use open source CMS (Content Management System), such as Drupal, WordPress or Pimcore; this allows to cut the cost while ensuring ease of use, thanks to their simple management interfaces.

For web projects of greater complexity, such as management programs and webservices, we use frameworks like Zend or laravel.

As for the e-commerce we have a deep knowledge of the Magento system for which we have developed over the years different customization.

We are also experts in the design and implementation of mobile applications, supporting Android and iOS platforms.

Our experience with these platforms allows us to manage the publishing and update phase on the app stores as well as the maintenance as a result of new releases of the operating systems.

debian mysql linux nginx friulup

Our infrastructure is composed of servers across the European territory, the US and Asia provided by the best provider for optimal performance for your website. Our providers are Hetzner, Linode or Amazon AWS.

Our policy is to continuously check for unauthorized access, continuous monitoring of performance and updating of the systems; This allows us to ensure that our systems have the best performance, they are secure and reliable.

On all our hosting plans we also have in place a regular backup process to our external machines; This allows us to have a faster recovery time in any emergency situations.

On all our servers use the Linux operating system, on request we can also provide other systems.


For all your needs please contact us, we will respond as soon as possible.

    Address: Via Cjavecis 7, Udine 33100 Italy (Palazzo Bran)
    Telephone: +39 0432 486191
    VAT number: IT02864510306


    You can come anytime to our office in Udine, we can take a coffee and talk about your idea! We are at your disposal to find the best solution for your needs.

    Our head office is located in “Udine, via Cjavecis 7” and is easily accessible from the highway, exit at “A23 Udine Nord” then follow the signs to the “Terminal Nord” shopping center.

    By car: exit at “A23 Udine Nord” then follow the signs to the “Terminal Nord” shopping center
    By train: Udine train station, urban bus line 02
    By plane: international airport of “Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari”